Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Youth Fellowship @ LVCBC: "Celebrating God's Goodness & Faithfulness"

It was a blessed experience for the young people of Living Grace Baptist Church (including me) to be part of last Sunday's youth fellowship at Living Vessel Christian Baptist Church (Nov. 28, 2010). It sure was a fun trip!

Young people of LVCBC and its daughter churches singing songs of praise unto the Lord

Roselyn & Tiffany as they lead the crowd in worshiping the Lord in spirit & in truth
Connect the dots and don't move a muscle! A very tough game indeed.
Unlikely as it may seem, but I was the one invited by the LVCBC leaders to be the main speaker of this event, and I thank the Lord for giving me that privilege. The theme of my message was "Celebrating God's Goodness & Faithfulness" which was delivered after the icebreakers and games we have enjoyed. In my exhortation I emphasized the constant recognition and remembrance of God's goodness and faithfulness in the lives of everybody as a motivation for revival, transformation, and service (text: 1 Chro. 16:8; cf. Rom. 2:4, 1 Pet. 2:9).

Ate Joy (at the center) and THUMBAY (LVCBC youth ministry)
Ate Joy as she introduce me as the speaker of God's Word in the event
It is truly a nice feeling to remember our Creator in the days of our youth!
After the short message of exhortation, the young people of LVCBC presented a glowing-in-the-dark hands interpretation of the song, "Thank You For Loving Me." Personally, I was amazed in their presentation because I know it takes a lot of teamwork to do that. I don't have the video coverage of that actual performance, but Ate Joy has given me a video of an identical presentation they did in their church anniversary a week before the youth fellowship. The video is embedded below:

Right after that somewhat surprising, and I should say "captivating" performance, Ate Joy was given, unexpectedly, a special tribute from the LVCBC young people for her hard work in the ministry. She was given a special gift (which I don't exactly know what it was since it was gift-wrapped) and was told that they couldn't have done what ever they had done that evening without her assistance. Tears of joy streamed down at Ate Joy's face as she thanked them back for expressing their gratitude towards her. She sure was touched. I congratulate her for having such grateful colleagues in the ministry. 

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Yes, even eating!
After that "Ate Joy tribute," the youth participants of the fellowship all gathered together to eat the miryenda. (The event was officially over at this point). Then we all went outdoors and took pictures as we swarm streets. And lastly, the departure which is inevitable in every meeting.

If you think we're doing a whaky take on this one,.. Eeeenggg! You're wrong. Haha!
Can you find me?

I thank the Lord for the lives of those who have worked behind the scenes of that wonderful event: Pastor Nick and his wife, Ate Joy, LVCBC young people, those who have prepared our snacks, and those whose names I've not mentioned, may our heavenly Father bless you all through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

Until next time! To God alone be the Glory!

(Photo courtesy of Tiffany Anne Codrilon & Roymark Luna)

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