Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Have Cartooned Myself On Facebook, Too!

Son Goten
A facebook buddy sent me a private message just recently inviting me to support a certain campaign against child abuse by changing my profile picture into my favorite childhood cartoon character. After reading the message, I was like: Ano nanaman kayang pakulo ito!? I thought it was just another typical non-sense pauso (like the jeje-mania thing) which will eventually wane soon, so I just ignored it.

But upon further browsing on facebook I was surprised at how many people have actually involved themselves in the craze. Most of my friends have already cartooned themselves, posting in their walls invitation for others to do the same. This got me very curious, so I did some google search about it.

In fairness, the craze was for a good cause--namely, to raise social awareness against child abuse by honoring our childhood memories. (It is also, in a way, beneficial for our peace of mind because pictures of ugly people in facebook will somewhat lessen. Isn't that great!?)

So in short, I have decided as well to cartoon myself. (Thankfully, I didn't have a hard time choosing my cartoon character). I picked the one which reminds me of my childhood days the most: Son Goten of the classic cartoon series, Dragonballs Z. He is the one in the picture above. Cute, isn't he?

How 'bout you? Have you gotten into the action? And which cartoon did you choose?

Post Script:
The meme officially ended Monday, December 6.


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