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That Was Tough

The uncompromising message of Pastor John MacArthur against same-sex marriage

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I have a disclaimer Before I begin: The image above maybe different from when he had said the message that I’d be referring to. So if you’re going to ask me for a specific Youtube link, you may excuse me for not having a single clip to give. Moreover, I do not own the image nor will use it for profit.

It’s been a month already when the news came out. A mainline pro (ugh!)-, a mainline pro (welp!), a mainline protestant denomination (notice how I intentionally refrained myself from adding “Christian” between “protestant” and “denomination”) approved of “Adam and Steve’s” union to further severe its ties with today’s Evangelicalism. While it’s devastating enough to know that they have totally departed from the historic and Biblical Christian view of marriage, it’s also another way of rejoicing over the fact that not everyone within the fellowship agrees with it.

We’re leaving. Bye.

Not everyone is Christian. It’s as true as saying that not everyone who profess with their tongue that He is Lord will enter the Kingdom of God. They have fallen away and we can only pray that the Lord is not done yet with the people there who are yet to be redeemed.

While the issue is starting to wane in social media (at least to where I’m currently at), there are still notions (out of ignorance probably) that this Presbyterian denomination had done it because they’re Calvinists. Ah! They’re Calvinists, you say? Just because they’re “Presbyterians”? Come on! I invite you to study and read more to avoid fallacy.

I have always loved good ecumenical relationships. When I say “good”, I mean to say real and Biblical, and when I say “ecumenical”, I mean to say that of a coalition without compromising key doctrines and not another. One of which, would be the setting aside of usual and never-ending debates on certain issues pertaining to this, this and this, and rather focusing on the things that tend to question our identity and distinction from other denominations.

I have always loved good ecumenical relationships.-Jerboy Magalang
Recently, I posted an article on Facebook about John MacArthur’s critical reaction to seminaries and denominations teaching a new perspective on marriage. Forget the debates on baptism, eschatology and many others as of the moment and just read the very words of his with regard to the issue:

They have no allegiance to the Bible, … You go back to every one of those seminaries … for a century [they] have been deniers of biblical authority, they have no relationship to scripture, they are the apostate church, they are Satan’s church.” — Pastor John MacArthur
(Read the rest of the article by clicking here.)

Whew. That‘s just it! Pastor John MacArthur putting a nail in the coffin even before it’s finalized. Finally, this is what I believe every professing believer should say about the issue.

There’s but one.

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Not everyone is Christian.-Jerboy Magalang

This article originally appeared on @sentirem; Jerboy Magalang's blog. Republished with permission from the author and by the grace of co-authors.

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