Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Lord I did not choose You

This contemporary song by Matthew Smith is based on the classic Lutheran hymn "Lord, 'Tis Not that I did Choose Thee" by Josiah Conder (1789-1855). Became my instant favorite the first time I heard it because of its theological soundness. I'm pretty sure many reformed folks out there would love it, too. The song reminds us of whose choice is it that initiated and eternally secures our Salvation (Jn. 15:16; 1 Jn. 4:19), taking us back to the greatness of God's mercy.

Here's the video with the lyrics below:

My Lord I did not choose You
by: Matthew Smith

My Lord I did not choose You
For that could never be
My heart will still refuse You,
Had You not chosen me

You took the Sin that stained me,
Cleansed me, made me new
Of old, You have ordained me,
That I should live in You

Unless your Grace had called me
And taught my op'ning mind,
The world would have enthralled me
To heav'nly glories blind

My heart knows none above You,
For Your rich Grace I thirst
I know that if I love You,
You must have loved me first


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